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First GCC SME Summit Comes to Bahrain

First GCC SME Summit Comes to Bahrain

The inaugural Forum mandated by the GCC Ministerial Committee for Planning and Development will take place in Bahrain 29-31May 2012.

The Forum -entitled GCC Future Entrepreneurs, will create a platform for an invited audience from the public and private sector from around the GCC to share their knowledge and skills to develop future strategies for SME growth in the GCC

The Forum is organised by Bahrain Development Bank and is supported by the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry of Finance support the event as an appropriate initiative for the future economic climate that will see the economies of the GCC becoming ‘high-growth economies.

Bahrain Development Bank has a proven track-record in promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and developing small and medium enterprises which is in alignment with the Economic Vision of the Kingdom of Bahrain . The BDBvision for the Forum BDB is toensure that the mandate from the GCC Ministerial Planning Committee to work towards a GCC wide co-operation and strategy works towards encouraging the development of SME’s in the region.

Bahrain Development Bank Chairman , Shaikh Mohammed bin EssaAlkhalifa says“We are honoured that the Kingdom of Bahrain is hosting the first GCC Future Entrepreneurs Forum through a joint-organizational partnership between Bahrain Development Bankand the Ministry of Finance.”

The Forum is important not just for the GCC but also for Bahrain and this importance can not be emphasised enough ” adds Shaikh Mohamed bin Essa Al Khalifa”The Kingdom of Bahrain – throughout its development – has prioritized the need to invest in the human element as a key hub of the process of economic development . Over the yearsBahrain Development Bank has played an active role in this area by improving the level of services and funding and training programs provided to support and assist Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). “

The GCC Future Entrepreneurs is part of a long-term strategy to encourage and maintain growth within the GCC by encouraging future SME’s through the sharing of knowledge, skills and experiences to provide joint solutions to issues such as the provision of seed-capital, funding and advisory services.

The GCC countries saw a positive growth in their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2010 and 2011. It is anticipated that 2012 budgets will be allocated towards economic diversification and the building of knowledge-based societies, with the primary focus on strengthening the role of the private sector.

The GCC Future Entrepreneurs Forum will aim to enhance cross-border trade to build vibrant and profitable SME’s and entrepreneurs of the future. The Forum will see an invited select audience of policy makers and businessmen and women sharing knowledge and practical skills as part of this process of economic development

” The GCC Future Entrepreneurs is not just a conference but part a movement to achieve an entrepreneurship vision for the future of the GCC by welcoming new ideas, providing better support to our entrepreneurs and a more active public-private sector partnership” concludes Nedhal Saleh Al Aujan , Chief Executive of Bahrain Development Bank

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